Admission is nonselective and open to all students of all nationalities and abilities. However, in order to ensure maintenance of its mission, CSM aims to create heterogeneous groups for each grade level. A classroom that is balanced by gender, academic and language abilities facilitates appreciation of diversity, positive social interchanges, and cooperative learning. Classes are recomposed annually to reflect the above criteria and the philosophy of the school. To be admitted to CSM’s Nursery class, a child must 3 years old by December 31st of the year of entry, and must be toilet independent.

The following criteria is taken into consideration before a student is accepted:

• Native English language speaker
• Citizen of Canada and other English-speaking countries
• International or Italian expatriate with previous English schooling
• Sibling of an current CSM student
• Families in which one parent is international or with at least one parent who is fluent in English
• Admission Inquiry

Please complete and return the online Inquiry form to register for a school tour.
Our admissions office will then contact parents and invite them for a tour of the school, preferably with their child/children. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with the Principal or Head of Division and ask any question.
Following the school tour, parents may at any time request Admission for their children by completing the Application Form provided during the visit, along with a copy of the child/children’s last two academic reports.
Depending on availability, the Admissions Office will contact parents to schedule an Admission Test or a First Impressions meeting.​
Admission Test is age-appropriate and consist of a English written and oral test, and a Mathematics written test. Assessment results are not shared with parents.
A fee of €150 is charged to children taking the Admission Test (not for First Impressions). This fee will be deducted from the school bill if place will be taken, otherwise it will be un-refundable
Offer of a Place

Following the assessment results, parents will receive a communication for a conditional place at CSM.
The conditional place will remain in force for 10 working days. During this time, parents are asked to accept the place/s and commit further by submitting the Admission Fee (or 20% annual fee for Nursery and Pre-K). When this is received, a place at CSM is guaranteed and thus no refund will be made in case of non-appearance.
Children may enter the school only once the due fees have been paid.

Both parents, in applying for their child’s admission to CSM, agree to abide by the standard terms and conditions of the school (which may undergo reasonable changes from time to time as circumstances require) and that the school may obtain, process and hold personal information about their child for the purpose of assessment and the welfare of the student whilst at CSM.

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