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Urbanization and Green Urban Planning

In an informative and interactive lecture on 26 January, Andrea Bulloni, a respected green architect in the architectural domain, engaged classes with perspectives about urbanization, green urban planning, urban regeneration and transformation. It provided the classes with valuable knowledge and perspective from a professional about urbanization and architecture that can further invigorate and reinforce their knowledge.

Andrea Bulloni has become a director in international company LAND, based in Milan. LAND values greener cities, nature and urban-ecological co-existence and that includes green landscape architecture, agronomy and engineering, they have transformed several districts in Milan and beyond Italy. In the lecture, it included captivating visuals about urban regeneration and transformation projects, issues encountered during their projects, managing and planning the projects and the final results. It gave the classes a chance to recognize and realize the importance of urban planning and management, and further improve their understanding of the demands and duties of being an architect. If they intend to pursue a career in architecture or engineering, it might become invaluable. 

In their curriculum, Grade 10 have studied and researched urbanization, including the transformation of urban areas, urban models, land zoning, urban structures and urbanization issues, extending their knowledge and inquiry. At the conclusion of their studies about urbanization, the class conducted a research and investigation before collaboratively designing and assembling elaborate magazines that included content and articles about urbanization in Milan. Before the conclusion of the lecture, the class had the chance to ask and debate questions with Mr. Bulloni about urbanization and they presented their magazines. It was a very academically fulfilling lecture. 
Mr McGowan - Individuals & Societies Teacher