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Duke of Edinburgh Inaugural Hike

Last weekend our high school students embarked on our inaugural Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) hike and expedition. With participants from Grades 10 and 11, alongside members of staff and students from the American School of Milan, we set out on a memorable journey along the river of Bereguardo. 

We had a busy day: mastering practical skills like tent pitching, cooking meals on gas stoves, learning essential knots and how to efficiently pack their rucksacks. As we navigated the trails, students had the opportunity to engage in reflective exercises and team-building activities. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of the trip was witnessing the students embrace the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and connect with both their surroundings and each other on a deeper level. They learned how to work as part of a team, introduce themselves to strangers, and be genuine and themselves when they were asked to share their goals for the coming term.

As an educator, I couldn't be prouder of the enthusiasm, and curiosity displayed by our students throughout the expedition. Their eagerness to embrace new challenges and the spirit of adventure is a testament to the impact of programs like the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Reflecting on the origins of the DoE, it's remarkable to see how its ethos has evolved over time. What was once conceived as a means to occupy young men between school and conscription has become a globally recognised organisation, inspiring generations to push boundaries, engage with their communities, and pursue lifelong learning.

We look forward to our next trip and continuing our partnership with the American School of Milan, whose students and teachers have all been great at supporting our students.

Mr. Parkins - Head of Department, Sports and Health Exercise Science