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Please see below for the Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific deadlines for application?

For local families we request that all applications be submitted no later than the first week of December. For our international families, we have a rolling admissions policy. This means that if there is availability we accept students also throughout the year.

Is there school trasportation?

The school offers a private bus service. Click here for more information.

Do students wear a uniform?

Yes. We believe that wearing a uniform generates a sense of community and helps students identify themselves with the School.

The standard uniform is compulsory for all students starting from Kindergarten. Pre-School children are only required to wear a P.E. uniform on the days that children have P.E.

Does the school have boarding facilities?

No, the CSM does not have boarding facilities.

Do you have a lunch program?

CSM has a full service in-house cafeteria. 

Alternative meals for students with health issues or for religious preferences are available. Morning snacks are provided to Nursery and Pre-K students.

Families can also decide to opt-out of the lunch program and are welcome to bring lunches from home.

What criteria are taken into consideration before a student is accepted?

The following criteria are taken into consideration before a student is accepted:

  • Native English language speaker
  • Citizen of Canada and other English-speaking countries
  • International or Italian expatriate with previous English schooling
  • Sibling of a current CSM student if entering in Nursery (previous English schooling is requested for entry in other grades)
  • Families in which one parent is international or with at least one parent who is fluent in English

When is the best time for my child to start their education at CSM?

To ensure place availability and eligibility, we strongly recommend starting off in Nursery (age 3). This is also the only time when we accept students with lower or no proficiency in the English language.