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Middle School (Grade 6-8)

Welcome to the Middle School. At CSM we recognise the unique developmental characteristics of early adolescence, which is marked by significant physical, intellectual, emotional and moral growth and change. These years mark a fundamental transition where students advance in independence and individuality. In recognition of this, our Middle School seeks to facilitate learning experiences that are authentic, holistic, relevant, engaging and build a healthy sense of self. International-mindedness is woven through the fabric of the programme’s framework and is expressed through the IB learner profile.

IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) Framework

Our curriculum is based on the MYP framework which provides flexibility for teachers to develop teaching programmes that are responsive to needs of students who are making sense of a rapidly changing world and to make authentic connections between their learning and local, regional and international contexts.

The Middle School comprises twelve core subjects: English, Individuals and Societies, Science, Mathematics, Italian, French or Spanish, Physical Education, Design, Music, Visual Art, and Drama. Additional CSM subject elements include PSED (Personal, Social Education), Coding and Robotics. Each subject is taught by a specialist teacher which allows students to be exposed to a greater expertise and a range of teaching styles. 

Assessment and Evaluation 

In Middle School, learning will initially focus on developing essential skills for academic success. Students are encouraged to become independent, responsible, organised, collaborative, and to take initiative. These skills are taught by homeroom advisors and supported by our specialist teachers and Counsellors. A student’s progress in these important skills are monitored by each subject teacher and reported termly. 

Formative assessments allow students to attempt new skills and demonstrate recent learning without their performance affecting their overall grade. Summative assessments such as essays, projects, tests, and exams demonstrate students’ learning and contribute to their overall course grade. The assessment tasks are designed to allow students to demonstrate all of the IB categories of achievement: knowledge and understanding, thinking and inquiry, communication and application/making connections. 

Middle School Highlights:

  • Language electives: French A or French B, or Spanish 
  • Coding and Robotics
  • Optional Terza Media exam preparation for Italian students
  • Rich Arts Programme with choir, orchestra and annual musical production
  • Team-building induction trip in September
  • Overnight field trips and experiential outings throughout the year
  • Learning support programme for English, Math and Science
  • Model United Nations annual trip
  • Student Wellbeing Counselling services

MYP subject groups:

Language and Literature (English A, French A, Italian A)

English and Italian are compulsory subjects at CSM in all years of the MYP. French is offered to our native French speakers. All first language students of English, French and Italian study the subjects at Language and Literature level. 

Language Acquisition (French B, Italian B, Spanish B)

The subjects are offered at different levels or “phases” in each year of the programme. Placement in a particular phase is based on the student’s level of the language.


At CSM Mathematics is studied by all students from grade 6 to 10. The courses provide students with the opportunity to develop their mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills by building on previous work in the subject.

Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 study an integrated course that provides a basic knowledge of Science and its application to life on a planet that is limited in its resources. The course enables students to acquire a core of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will equip them well to study the separate science subjects in later years. 

In Grades 9 and 10 the course is divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology components. Students are introduced to the specialist nature of the individual disciplines. It is hoped that the students will be able to make an informed decision at the end of Grade 10 as to which science subject they wish to follow in years 11 and 12 and possibly beyond. 


Design is offered in grades 6-10.

Students study the Design Cycle from the point of view of two different disciplines, but are expected to approach solving problems in the same way.

The Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Music)

All students study Drama, Music and Visual Arts in grades 6 to 8. In years 9 and 10 students will choose at least one of the Arts. Each course is designed to increase the students’ understanding of the respective subject while meeting the overall aims of the MYP Arts.Through studying MYP subject knowledge, concepts and skills, students will also develop a broad suite of Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills.

Physical and Health Education

All students follow the Physical and Health Education (PHE) in years 6 – 10. In addition to the PHE programme there are also annual sports events that involve all students. There is also a variety of extracurricular sports activities for students of all abilities.

Global Contexts

Global Contexts is the Middle School framework for organising the curriculum’s content and skills with deep conceptual understanding. Conceptual understandings of taught content help students transfer ideas across topic areas and traditional subject boundaries. The Global Contexts build upon the knowledge and thinking skills developed through the primary transdisciplinary themes.