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  • Global Goals

    Published 03/02/21

    CSM has incorporated the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) in the curriculum to engage and encourage students to prioritise these important issues not only in school, but also in their lifestyle and behaviours. These SDGs, which were agreed upon in 2015 by world leaders, include ending poverty and addressing climate change and inequality. 

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  • Learning From a Mesocosm

    Published 08/10/20

    Bringing the Outside Environment Into the Classroom

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  • Terry Fox Run

    Published 01/10/20

    On a bright and sunny Tuesday this week the Lower School participated in the Terry fox walk.

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  • Have a Great Summer!

    Published 14/07/20


    It is fair to say that this school year has been unusual and full of surprises.
    We are very proud of our students for adapting to virtual learning with such a positive energy!
    On the last day of school, our Lower School teachers and Principal surprised students with a special video to wish them a happy summer. Take a look here.

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  • Speaking to Children About the Coronavirus

    Published 06/04/20

    Children are bombarded with images from the news and social media about the impact the Coronavirus has been having on the world. It is absolutely understandable if children are feeling anxious, scared and confused.

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  • CSM and E-Safety

    Published 20/03/20

    Our students are growing up in a consistently developing digital society and here at CSM we believe that educating both Lower and Upper school students to be responsible digital citizens is extremely important. 

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  • Classes Continue!

    Published 06/03/20

    As we come to the end of the second week of school closures, CSM’s priority remains to be the safety and continued education of our students.

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  • Being Part of the Community

    Published 21/02/20

    This week our Pre-K class learnt about what it means to be part of a community and who are the people in our neighbourhood. 

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  • Dis Moi Dix Mots - au fil de l'eau

    Published 19/02/20

    Our Grade 4 and 5 classes are taking part in the “Dis moi dix mots" contest for the third year in a row.

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  • CSM Annual Pancake Breakfast

    Published 14/02/20

    Once again we had an amazing turnout for our Annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser held on Friday February 14th

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  • It Is Easy Being Green

    Published 13/02/20

    At CSM we believe in instilling civic responsibility in our students from the very start of their education to help them grow up to be conscientious members of the community. This month our lower school has been busy learning about recycling and how to be more eco-friendly. 

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  • Conversations with Lucia Rizzi: The Home-School Connection

    Published 07/02/20

    On February 6th, we had a great turn-out for Ms. Rizzi’s talk with CSM parents regarding the important link between home and school. She provided tools for parents to help their children to excel in school as well as to set them on the right track to becoming responsible and accountable young adults. 

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