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CSM and E-Safety

Our students are growing up in a consistently developing digital society and here at CSM we believe that educating both Lower and Upper school students to be responsible digital citizens is extremely important. 

This is even more relevant now that almost all of our classes are being administered online during the school closures. 

Prior to the school closures, the CSM E-Safety Committee, comprised of Ms. James and Mr. Parkins, gave a series of targeted presentations to both students and parents to promote screentime management, safety on social media and cyberbullying. 

Lower school parents and students alike responded very positively to the presentations, asking many relevant questions and seeking further information on how proceed. 

Parents are encouraged to open up a dialogue with their children to promote open lines of communication and trust as they grow up however it is also very important that parents lead by example, especially with screen time. 

Digital citizenship is a topic that is integrated within our Lower School Coding program however we also believe that given the society in which we live, students should also be informed about how to use social media appropriately and responsibly in order to maintain student safety both inside and outside of school.