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Checking In With Our Graduates

We love to receive updates as to what our alumni are up to. Martina and Giacomo graduated in June 2022 and have been enjoying their first few months of University. 

Martina was our Student of the Year in 2022. She is remembered for her kind spirit and her beautiful artwork, some of which is still hanging on our walls. She is currently attending Leiden University in the Netherlands for Liberal Arts and Science: Global Challenges with a major in BA World Politics. Martina has joined a wide range of groups such Modern Dance and is part of the Fundraising Board for the Unicef Student Team of The Hague. 

She said that "The IB programme definitely introduced me to the academic and organizational challenge of university. The demanding deadlines we had at CSM prepared me for the even more demanding workload of these first months. From a social perspective, having such a tight community at CSM has helped me to establish closer connections at university: I felt more confident in creating bonds and expanding my friendship groups. "

Giacomo was the President of the Student Council and was very involved in our school community. He has begun his Finance Degree at Università Cattolica in Milan and is enjoying the independence that he now has as a University student. 

"The teachers at CSM were great and encouraged me to develop close bonds with the other students, which personally helped me to learn".