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CSM Lombardia Cup

Last Wednesday, some of the Grade 6 and 7 girls and boys took part in the inaugural "CSM Lombardia Cup". It is the first sports tournament that CSM has hosted, and it was great to make connections with other international schools from around Lombardia who were all delighted to take part. It was also a rarity to have both a boys and girls competition taking part at the same event. 

Both boys teams competed wonderfully making it to the semi-finals where unfortunately they each lost 1-0. This meant that our grade 6 and 7 teams played each other in the playoff game: 'The CSM Derby' turned out to be a close game! Grade 6 took the lead only for Grade 7 to equalise with the last kick of the game. That meant that it went down to penalties and in the end the Grade 7's came out victorious!

Regardless of the girls teams not having played together before, they played very well, and I am very proud of the enthusiasm and sportsmanship they brought to the game. 

Well done to everyone who took part! I am proud of you all!
Mr Parkins