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CSM MUN Delegates 2023

In the recent Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Rome, 6 CSM students had the privilege to become, for three days, delegates of UN member states, engaged in meetings with peers form schools worldwide, to research, debate, and resolve real word global issues and crises.

The MUN simulation involves a great variety of intergovernmental, geologically diverse, and gender balanced delegations that included the Security Council and for Human Rights (UNHCR). Leonardo (G9) and Gabriele (G11) were awarded with the title Distinguished Delegate and Michelangelo (G12) was awarded with the title Outstanding Delegate from their respective committees in the final ceremony. Besides that, Gabriele (G9) and Sophia Bunag (G9) were awarded for their advanced level position papers that demonstrated their political knowledge and their critical thinking in order to resolve a real world issue. 
In terms of the benefits for the delegates, it invigorated a series of skills such as oral and written communication, diplomacy, critical thinking and collaboration. It was an interactive method to approach social, economic, humanitarian and cultural issues. In collaboration with multinational delegates, the students managed to find resolutions via diplomacy and were provided with an invaluable experience in their academic lives. 

More than the knowledge of world issues, our students have indeed assimilated transferrable skills they will be grateful of beyond the scope of their school careers. And beyond these skills the MUN represents a memorable life-changing experience of open-mindedness, collaboration, friendship, in which each member has stood up to personal challenges and overcome assumptions and preconceptions about others, the world, and themselves.

Mr McGowan and Dr Olivieri