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Anti-Bullying Week with Cassidy Swinger

CSM had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Cassidy Swinger as a guest speaker for our Upper School students on Thursday, November 16, in honour of Anti-Bullying Week.

Her inspiring story revolves around her battle to reclaim her life following a debilitating brain haemorrhage and draws attention to the discrimination and judgement that people with disabilities often encounter.

Her experience serves as an example of the importance of kindness, acceptance, and the significant role they play in combating bullying. Her presentation provided a crucial moment for students to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviours, fostering a greater awareness of the challenges faced by those with disabilities.

Ms. Swinger was delighted to respond to the many thoughtful and insightful questions that the students asked. She commended the students for their open-mindedness and encouraged them to carry this spirit of understanding into their future interactions with people of all abilities.