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Apply to CSM

Admissions Procedure

Step 1

Complete and return the online inquiry form to register for a school tour. Our admissions office will then contact parents and invite them for a tour of the school upon place availability and eligibility confirmation.

For families located internationally and unable to travel to Milan, our admissions office can support you in all the steps of the application process virtually. Once you have completed the online inquiry you will be contacted to arrange a phone call or virtual meeting.

Skip to Step 2 if you want to start the admissions process directly. 

Step 2

Complete the Application Form that at this link. The following documents will be needed in ordered to complete your application:

  • A recent passport-sized picture of the child
  • A copy of the child's passport
  • Copies of the child/children’s most recent report card and last two full year academic reports

Step 3

The Admissions Office will review the documents that have been submitted and will be in touch in the case that any additional information is required. Reference letters and additional documents might be requested at the discretion of the school.

Step 4

Depending on availability and on the analysis of the academic reports, the Admissions Office will contact parents to schedule an Entrance Test (or a First Impressions meeting for children applying for Nursery and PreK).

  • Entrance tests are age-appropriate and consist of an English written and oral test, and a Mathematics written test.
  • A non-refundable fee of €152 is charged for the Assessment (as well as the First Impression). This fee will be deducted from the overall school fees if a place is offered.

These assessments are mandatory and have a bearing on admission. 

Step 5

If the first impressions meeting or the entrance test has a positive result the Admissions Office will contact you to arrange a meeting:

  • For Lower School applicants, a meeting between the parents and Principal will be arranged.
  • For Upper School applicants, a meeting between the parents, student, Upper School Coordinator and Principal will be arranged.

Step 6

Application Feedback

Following the assessment results, parents will be contacted to let them know if the child has been accepted or not.

If the child is accepted they will receive a conditional placement at CSM.

  • The conditional placement will remain valid for 5 working days. During this time, parents are asked to accept the place/s and commit further by submitting the Admission Fee (if the acceptance occurs after April 30th, we also require the payment of the first instalment of 40%). When this is received, a place at CSM is guaranteed and thus no refund will be made in case of non-appearance.
  • Children may enter the school only once the due fees have been paid.

Please see the School Fees section on our website for more information regarding the payment terms.


Both parents, in applying for their child’s admission to CSM, agree to abide by the standard terms and conditions of the school (which may undergo reasonable changes from time to time as circumstances require) and that the school may obtain, process and hold personal information about their child for the purpose of assessment and the welfare of the student whilst at CSM.


The withdrawal of a student from the school must be communicated to the School Office by giving notice in writing at least 1 (one) full term in advance. For example, a child not returning to CSM the following academic year must give notice no later than the first day of Third Term (April 1st).

We consider all students automatically re-enrolled unless the family provides us with a Leaving Form according to the deadlines.