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At CSM we actively teach the moral and ethical values that one would expect. We also support practical matters so often ignored by academic institutions, like career education, where students learn time management and technology competency.

ACCEPTANCE: I reach out to include others. I accept others for who they are. I am gentle with others and myself when mistakes are made.

APPRECIATION: I am grateful for all that I have. I am thankful for the support that others give me. I am generous in recognising the contributions of others.

COOPERATION: I work with others to make a peaceful community. I am willing to listen to other’s ideas and suggestions. I compromise and negotiate to solve problems and differences of opinion.

EMPATHY: I am compassionate, caring, and kind. I am a true friend. I will walk in your shoes in order to understand you. I am slow to judge and quick to forgive.

FAIRNESS: I make decisions based upon the whole picture. I treat others the way I would like to be treated. I am just.

INTEGRITY: I behave ethically and honourably. I am honest, loyal, and trustworthy. I am truthful and courageous. I stand up for what is right even when it is hard. I am a person of my word and people of my word and people who know me understand that.

OPTIMISM: I believe that challenges are opportunities. I choose to see goodness. I have hope for our future.

PERSEVERANCE: I will work hard and I will not give up. I will finish what I begin and I will not give up. I will care enough and I will not give up.

RESPECT: I honour others, and myself through my words, and actions. I support our diversity of beliefs. I treat our word and everything in it with dignity.


I am accountable for the decisions I make. I realise that my decisions impact my community. I honor my commitment.