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Enjoying a delicious and healthy lunch is an important aspect of school life.

In cooperation with the school administration, students, parents, and kitchen staff, our cafeteria service guarantees an all-year round standard of excellence for quality, freshness, nutritional value, and choice.

Our team of in-house kitchen staff strives to offer our students, employees, and guests a fresh variety of appetizing dishes. Products are purchased regionally, directly from farmers and suppliers in order to have the freshest products and support local vendors.

Lunches include a first and second course, vegetables, fresh salad and fruit bar, dessert, and bread. This balanced and nutritious diet is in line with the Italian Health requirements. Alternative meals for students with health issues or for religious preferences are available. Morning snacks are provided to Nursery and Pre-K students.

The Lunch programme is available for all students. Due to the nature of their schedule, High School students can purchase lunches when needed using a pre-paid key card.