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FAQ / Informazioni Generali


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Canadian School of Milan is a private international non-equal school, recognized by the Ministry of Public Education, which offers a study program in English according to the Canadian and International education model (IBO) from the nursery to the completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The school is a candidate for the MYP (Middle Years Program) and DP (Diploma Program) accreditation of the International Baccalaureate program by March 2019.

LOWER SCHOOL (Childhood and Elementary)

The Lower School includes:

Early Childhood School (duration 2 years): Nursery (3 years), and Pre-K (4 years) Primary School (duration 6 years): Kindergarten (from 5 years to be completed by December of the year of entry) up to Grade 5.

UPPER SCHOOL (Medium and Higher)

The Upper School includes:

MYP, or Middle Years Program of the International Baccalaureate: a 5-year study program (from Grade 6 to Grade 10), which is equivalent to 3 years of the middle school plus the 4th and 5th grade level. Students are required to attend classes on all subjects as per the MYP program, and may, if they wish, take an MYP certification exam at the end of Grade 10. \ t The MYP guarantees students an excellent preparation for the entrance to the Diploma

Program (DP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB)

The Diploma IB (DP) is the course of studies of the last two years of high school (Grade 11 and Grade 12), for obtaining the International Maturity recognized and equivalent in Italy, and offers the most adequate preparation for entry into the best universities in Italy and the world.


The school is attended by around 45% of foreign students of over 35 different nationalities.

About 10% of the student body changes every year, this is average for an international school.


The average class size is 18 students.


The teachers come mainly from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States and all are in possession of a degree or a Master's degree in education.

French and Italian teachers are native speakers.


Our students study to obtain an International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma), which is recognized as the highest degree of international education, and is, according to many experts, the best possible preparation for the university and the world of work.

The Canadian School does not offer GCSE and A-Levels courses, which are academic titles recognized by the United Kingdom.

SCHOOL HOURS (Monday to Friday)

LOWER SCHOOL (Materna and Elementary):

8:10 - 8:45 Pre-School
8:45 Start Lessons
10.15am - 10.30am Break
12:00 - 13:15 Lunch
15:45 End of lessons

UPPER SCHOOL (Medium and Higher)

8:20 Homeroom
8:30 Beginning Lessons
10:45 - 11:00 Break
13:15 - 14:00 Lunch
15:30 End of lessons from Monday to Thursday
13:15 End of lessons on Friday with lunch and optional tutoring by the professors


The Canadian School is unequaled. Nevertheless the students already from Grade 1 attend an Italian course for the preparation of fitness of the Elementaries at the end of the 5th Elementary, and of the Third Medium for the interested students (optional).


The French language is studied as a second language starting from the Kindergarten class (5 years). The school offers preparation for external DELF exams for all ages.

The purpose of the tasks is to consolidate knowledge and make it autonomous. Depending on the class, homework is organized in such a way that it is not overburdened and there is a balance between the subjects.


The school believes that it is not beneficial to anticipate entry to school for children born from January to March in the year following school entry. Our program, being different and more complex than the Italian program, requires preparation from 4 years of age. Entering a year in advance would put the student at a great academic disadvantage compared to others. Moreover, the entire program of studies lasts less than a year in Italy, so it is not necessary to start school in advance.


CSM offers a range of sports, music, theater, and homework activities from Monday to Friday.


The school bus service is performed by an external supplier and is not included in the fee. There is no service for students attending after-school activities.


Meals are prepared in our kitchens. The service is optional and the cost is not included in the fee.


The school, in addition to having an internal gym, makes use of other external sports facilities in the surroundings, such as gyms, the ice palace