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Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate for a changing world through an inquiry-based learning approach, to promote academic excellence and intercultural mindedness and to inspire a growing passion for learning.

Our Vision

Globalization and technology are creating a far more connected world. To flourish in an evolving international landscape, our children need to know multiple skills, languages and learn the nuances of world cultures. We will provide each child with the social and academic skills needed to interact and explore the world as a confident learner.

A rich, interdisciplinary curriculum will be focusing on inquiry, discovery, creativity and building community. Though we understand that the most important function of primary education is the acquisition of academic and study skills, we believe that if done in isolation they do not create enthusiastic students and life-long learners.

Our curriculum aims to provide children with real and meaningful opportunities to use their skills both as a member of a community and as independent learners. We set clear expectations for learning, and approach instruction with the understanding that each child’s development is unique and individual. Through the use of differentiated instruction, we help ensure academic success.