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Primary School (Kindergarten - Grade 5)

Primary School Curriculum

CSM has a unique curriculum approach which continues to evolve as an enriching program, taking from the best and most-relevant aspects of several sources: the Ontario Ministry of Education Elementary curriculum, the Italian Ministry Elementary Program, and the International Curriculum designed for a global educational context.

From Kindergarten to Grade 5, children are taught following the curriculum from Ministry of education of Ontario, Canada, with some elements from the Italian Curriculum. Our inquiry-based approach to learning encourages students to adopt the attributes of character education through the fundamentals of:

  • Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Oral Communication)
  • Mathematics
  • Coding (computer programming)
  • Social Studies (History and Geography)
  • Science & Technology
  • French
  • Italian 1 (Idoneità Prep) or Italian 2 for beginners
  • Arts (Music, Art, Drama)
  • Health & Life Skills
  • Physical Education (includes Ice Skating (K-G5) and swimming lessons (N-PreK)

Inquiry based learning is a combination of the following elements:

  • Exploring, wondering and questioning
  • Making predictions and acting purposefully to see what happens
  • Experimenting and playing with possibilities
  • Making connections between previous learning and current learning
  • Collecting data and reporting findings
  • Solving problems in a variety of ways